Offerings of Generosity

Monlam 2018 Thumbdrive of Photos and Video Dana Offering of Generosity Prayer of Motivation (for Dance) MP3 Download
Monlam 2018 Thumbdrive of Photos and VideoDana Offering of GenerosityPrayer of Motivation (for Dance) MP3 Download

Tara Dhatu thumb drives that carry a treasure trove of the best of Amber Roniger’s beautiful photographs and videos capturing the power and magic of the May 2018 International Tara Dhatu Peace And Prayer Festival.  

We ask that all members of the Tara Dhatu Educational Program offer some measure of financial support to their mentors and teachers. Your generosity to your teachers and mentors is what makes it possible for them to have the time and ability to...

This prayer, written by Prema Dasara, is the foundation of our spiritual practice and your contribution in purchasing this song supports the new music recording project. It is based on the intention to manifest our human potential; inner wisdom,...