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Monlam 2018 Thumbdrive of Photos and Video Super Girl Tara Postcards Tara Meditation Cards
Monlam 2018 Thumbdrive of Photos and VideoSuper Girl Tara PostcardsTara Meditation Cards

Tara Dhatu thumb drives that carry a treasure trove of the best of Amber Roniger’s beautiful photographs and videos capturing the power and magic of the May 2018 International Tara Dhatu Peace And Prayer Festival.  

Each order of this items includes 12 postcards Prema created, inspired by an advertising poster Pia made for her event in Berkeley using the faulous image created by the marvelous Thanka painter, Karma Phuntsok . (click to check out his amazing...

This deck includes 22 cards. On the front of each meditation card is original artwork by Jessica Zebrine and depicts each manifestation of Tara. On the back are the words to each one's corresponding praise as translated by Prema Dasara. The cards...




Tara Wisdom Cards The 8 Auspicious Symbols Prayer Flag Set The Wisdom Within - A Guide to the Tara Wisdom Cards
Tara Wisdom CardsThe 8 Auspicious Symbols Prayer Flag SetThe Wisdom Within - A Guide to the Tara Wisdom Cards

The Tara Wisdom Cards are a unique deck of 78 cards based on Tara's many manifestations and other dharma principles, is now available for purchase through Tara Dhatu's online shop, Dance the Goddess . The deck was created by Jessica Zebrine,...

A description of the meaning is on each of the flags. It is said to hang these symbols anywhere in our around your house brings great prosperity and good fortune. In Tibet, these symbols are given at any auspicious event… a new residence,...

Companion to the Tara Wisdom Card Deck. Jessica Zebrine gives detailed explanations of each card, while Prema Dasara offers commentary on the 22 major arcana. Journey deep into the symbolism of the Tara Wisdom Cards, a 78-card deck based on the...