Super Girl Tara Postcards

Super Girl Tara Postcards
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Each order includes 20 postcards of a painting created by  Thanka painter, Karma Phuntsok. The back of the postcard is covered by an empowering poem by Prema that begins, "Beloved Tara, Swift Protectress, With Eyes Like Flashes Of Lightening, Piercing The Darkness Of Our Times. 

Super Green Goddess T’shirts 

Prema shares, "Several Tara Dancers became very excited when I said I would get t'shirts made from this image. Karma gave his permission and Jessica set us up with Represent, an online on demand company. The company contacted me to say that the Big Red S image was under copyright and they took the site that Jessica created for us down. I negotiated with the company asking if we removed the Big Red S  would that get around the copyright issue and they agreed. We also could not use any Super Girl References in the write up. Thus our page is title “Super Green Goddess 

Here's the link to a wide variety of colors and styles. This is on a separate site and cannot be paid through the Dance the Goddess shopping cart”

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